At SEOM, we rely on a variety of third-party tools and guides to help us get through the day-to-day.  We also read – constantly – to stay up to date on the latest industry happenings.  These resources are valuable for clients as well as those new to Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.


PPC Tool – AdWords Wrapper 

PPC Tool – Keyword Phrase Builder

Link Building Tool – Open Site Explorer

SEM Rush

Multiple URL Opener

Broken Link Checker

List of College and University Websites

Local Google Review Request Templates

Local Schema Generator

SEO Monitoring by Raven Tools

Broken Link Checker (sitewide)

Google Review Link Generator

Google Search By Location


Social Media Tools 

Facebook Ads:  Who You Can Target 

Pinterest Targeting Options

YouTube Video Ad Targeting Options


Guides & Articles

The Impact of Paid Ads on Organic Rankings

Follow Up: Even If You Rank #1 Organically, You Can Double Your Clicks with PPC

SEO – Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Lead Generation PPC Tips

PPC – Adwords vs. Analytics Discrepancies

PPC – Why to Bid on Your Trademark

PPC – More Reasons To Bid on Your Branded Terms

SEO & PPC: The Facts on Integration, Cannibalism & Synergism

The 2011 SEM WishList

Fresh Insights from 12 of Philly’s Top SEO’s

Search Query Reports – They’re Not Just for Breakfast

Link Building – The Myth of the Relevant Link

1000 search engine queries for linkbuilding


Other Companies in Philadelphia We Recommend

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GreenlaneSEO – Been doing great things for businesses since 2005

Front Street Consulting – Focus on PPC and handles both large and small accounts

FactorMedia – Social Media and SEO company that knows conversion rate optimization inside and out

Franchise Digital Interactive  – Full-service digital marketing services for franchisees and franchisors

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