Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

We can tell you how good we are at search engine marketing until we’re blue in the face, but we’d prefer to let our work speak for itself. Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“We tried a few Google Adwords campaigns ourselves and just cancelled them all eventually because they never worked. We sell high end designer umbrellas and when SEOM Interactive came in and told us not to bid on the keyword “umbrella”, I thought they were insane. But they showed us the ROI for that keyword didn’t work for our products at those levels. However, using other words like “designer umbrella,” “logo umbrellas,” and “doorman umbrellas” among many others, worked like a charm. The ROI on my Adwords campaign is much better and the results were quite amazing.

Tiffany’s Bakery
“I wanted to let you know how responsive and on point both Janine and Sara are for us. We are working with the Sixers on promoting the draft and it’s been a social media dream. I was texting with them late last night as social unfolded and they were right on it. Both are going the extra mile to get the most out of the press and I wanted to be sure you knew.”

CertaPro Painters
“Your firm sets the bar for SEO service providers. You personally –  have been a pleasure to work with. I am a one man shop with little time – the content provided below makes you an appreciable member of my staff. Good job and thank you.”

Coco Key
“The SEO work has been both effective and extensive. I have watched our numbers continue to grow with each month on both the PPC and SEO side. Our drastically improved conversion rates say it all. SEOM has helped us obtain quality leads, whilst saving us a ton of money on the PPC side. Their extensive keyword research has helped us eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in wasted PPC costs.”

Hospital Mobility
“Since you optimized our website, we are seeing more requests come through the website and through the toll free number.  Your efforts are paying off.”

Call Jim’s
“Our Adwords account has gone from an average of three or four leads a day to double digits per day. The flood gates have opened. Thank you very much for bringing together the dream I had worked on with various agencies and individuals for nearly seven years. Always a Pleasure”

Meyerson Law Firm
“SEOM proved that web design and search engine marketing must go hand in hand if a company wants to increase traffic, market share, search engine presence, sales, and leads. We couldn’t be happier with the astounding results.”

Aircraft Color
“We are an international company, but struggled getting sales from abroad since we are U.S.-based. However, after a combination of search engine optimization and a search engine marketing campaign, our traffic and sales are no longer limited to one country. The online marketing strategy SEOM created and implemented worked perfectly for our company.”

Crescendo Piano
“I have a small piano lesson service that is local to the Philadelphia area. Even though my location and budget were limited, SEOM was able to put together an search marketing plan that fit my niche and finances. Perfect for me.”

Metro Script
“We offer a very unique service and in turn have very unique search terms. However, SEOM was still able to optimize our website to maximize the limited traffic from our keywords. If someone is looking for any variation of our keywords on the search engines, we are there.”

Shred Patrol
“As soon as SEOM finished optimizing our website, we noticed a spike in the phone calls and leads from our contact form. Before all our clients came from offline marketing efforts and referrals, but now our best salesman is our website and the leads come from the search engines.”

Tommy Conwell Store
“SEOM created a small search engine campaign to help me reach out to fans, sell my new album, and have a lot of fun. It’s been a blast and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Simon Photography
“Thanks for optimizing my PPC campaign. It’s doing very well. I am getting a lot more inquiries and jobs. Thanks for all your help!”

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